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The Village Quilt Shoppe is a place to come relax, have fun and explore your creativity with fabric, wool, threads and other quilting mediums.  We carry a  wide range of fabric lines, patterns and notions as well as host a diverse range of classes and retreats.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we want to ensure you we are doing everything we can to disinfect the shop throughout the day.  With the news of new cases being reported we have made the hard decision of canceling all classes till further notice and closing the shop.  All classes will be rescheduled as soon as possible.  If you cannot make the rescheduled date you will receive a refund.

If there is anything you need  give us a call  or an email us and we can get your merchandise together.  We will then schedule a time  for curbside pickup, delivery  or we can mail the merchandise to you.  Payment can be taken over the phone or you can pay by check with curbside pickup.  Stay tuned for a on-line virtual tour of the shop.

Stay well!

We are so proud of The Village Quilt Shoppe and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Vanetta & Monique



There is an urgent need for face masks at our hospitals.  Below find the information from RGH & Strong.   We are looking for sewers and donations of supplies.  There is a shortage on elastic, we are reaching out to our distributors to see how quickly we can get it.

Today we received a large amount of kits from Rochester General nurses.  We are reaching out to you to ask for your help in getting these sewn into masks.  There are quite a few kits with elastic and then there is a large amount  of fabric (sized for face mask)  to make the mask.  These do not need ties added, just the mask piece made.  There is no need to wash or put a filter in these, the nurses will take care of that part. We will be at the shop this week from 1-5 for you to pick up the kits.  The kits are in a bin by the front door.  If your not too far we would be happy to drop some kits off to your house (we would leave by front door).

Here is the list of supplies needed:

  • 1/4 "elastic (if you have wider we can cut it to size, if it does not frey)
  • 5" or larger metal twist ties
  • Cotton fabric (no stretch, tight weave), 15 * 7.5 (side of mask needs to be at least 3.5" after the pleats are sewn)
  • MERV 13 air filter (paper kind, not fluffy)

If you have the filters, the wire mesh needs to be pulled off,  the wire side goes towards the mouth.  Once the wire is pulled off,flatten the filter and cut.  6x10 if thin (then fold in half) or 6x5 if thick.

Filter goes in after the mask is washed. Once the mask is washed you need to handle with sterile gloves.

If you have supplies to donate please call the shop or send us email via the contacts page and we can make arrangements to get the donations.  If you can make masks we are happy to collect them and delivery to the hospital.  If you willing to make face masks and having a hard time getting materials let us know,  Hopefully we will have lots of donations.

Hospital Information

There is a link to several youtube videos.
Here is the link another link to the mask we will be making:


They are inserting a Merv13 anti-viral filter that is typically used in furnaces.  If you have any of those or want to purchase them from any local hardware and include them with the masks that would be much appreciated.  This is a grass roots effort with zero funding.
Here is the link to the Hickey Freeman project working for Rochester General.  They are not quite up and running yet but you can register at this email and they will also need sewists.  workfromhome@robertjeffery.us