Hello Everyone,

For those that are not aware, the shop is closed due to water damage. The apartment above the shop had a leak sometime between Saturday evening and Monday afternoon.  We suspect it was sometime Sunday based on all the damage.

Imagine Vanetta’s shock when she walked into the store Monday for the Learn to Quilt class and saw ceiling tiles crumbled, saturated fabric, ruined kits and our beloved store in shambles.  Unfortunately, I was away on a business trip last week, so Vanetta had to handle everything. And what a great job she has done.  Michelle, teacher extraordinaire and a great employee was by her side every day.   Upon my return from my trip the store is completely empty, the floor is removed, there are large fans drying the store and a large pod in my driveway.

You may think we are depressed and saying why us, but to be honest after the initial shock wore off, we are feeling blessed.  The people who came to help this week, the encouraging words and prayers we have received has shown that we are more than a quilt shop.  We are a community, we are family.  Thank you everyone!

We will be back as soon as we can. We are working with our insurance company and should know next week when we will be able to reopen.  Keep an eye on your email, Facebook and our web site for updates!

We are so proud of The Village Quilt Shoppe and look forward to sharing the dream with you.


Vanetta & Monique

Tip of the month

How to moisturize your self-healing cutting mat

  • Fill the tub with room temperature water
  • Add 1/4 cup white vinegar and a squirt of dish soap
  • Scrub gently with a soft bristle brush working up a lather
  • Rinse with cold water, ensure all soap residue has been removed
  • Use a cotton towel or air dry your mat. Be careful to keep the mat out of direct sunlight and lay it flat when drying and storing to avoid warping.

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Hello Pouches

Cute little bags with vinyl so you can see the contents.  The bags would be great for retreats to carry extra thread, bobbins or any of the notions we use! The pattern has four sizes to choose from.




Last-Minute Finishes sessions: come and work on your holiday gifts with no distractions. See calendar for additional details.