What do quilters do when they are quarantined, they quilt!  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to make face masks, the out pour of support for our community is amazing. When you need a break from mask making consider making a house block.  We are sharing the Village pattern  for you to use  compliments of Moda Fabrics, United Notions and Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  We would love all of you to make a house block, sign it and bring it in when we re-open.  Can you imagine what our quilt will look like when we put all these blocks together!  Our hope is that we have enough blocks for a few quilts which we can then donate to charity.

When you complete your house block be sure to take a picture and post on-line or email to us via our contacts page for us to post.  Be sure to hashtag #thevillagequiltshoppe and #modavillage.

If you would like to make the whole quilt and need a charm pack or some background fabric we can help you!

It takes a village to keep a quilt shop in business!

We are so proud of The Village Quilt Shoppe and look forward to sharing the dream with you.

Vanetta & Monique

village houses


Tip of the month

Chain Piecing
This is one of the quickest ways to get a bunch of blocks or parts of blocks done all at once. There is no snipping in between stitching.  No raising of the needle…getting the next set of fabric pieces stuck in the feed dogs…none of that!

You simply feed piece after piece without cutting them apart.  Then you cut them apart and iron and your ready for the next step of your pattern. This makes those patterns that call for 170 quilt blocks manageable.

Have a tip to share, send it to us, if we publish we will give you a store gift certificate.



TBD - based on when we can re-open


TBD - based on when we can re-open