Hello Everyone,

Happy August, what a great summer it has been so far. Hopefully all of you have been able to enjoy it as much as we have.  Thank you everyone who took the time to complete our survey.  We had a great response rate.  There are some great ideas that we can not wait to act on!   Next week I will share the details with you.

One common theme was parking.  We feel your pain.  I have emailed the village board and even gone to one of their meetings.   I have asked for support from the Webster BID (Business Improvement district).    Both Vanetta and I have spoken numerous times to the few business owners that feel they have a right to park on the street all day.  With all of this we have gotten nowhere. Maybe you can help.   Jake Swingly oversees parking in the village.  Here is one of his responses to us “ I am not sure if the Village suffers from a lack of parking or a perception problem.  Within 100 feet of your front door there are 11 parking spots. Within the next 300 foot radius there are an additional 130 spots.”

We also asked about the lack of handicap spaces, here is his response:   There are about thirty accessible spots within public parking in the business district. Some of those are located on-street and some are within the municipal lots.  There is an on-street accessible spot on Lapham Park.  Further east on East Main there is an accessible spot in front of # 37.  There are also some accessible spots near the museum in the public lot.  Looking at just the on-street parking and considering East and West Main, South Ave and Lapham Park- There are 73 spaces and 5 are accessible. The ADA requirement for accessible spots in a parking facility with the same number of total spots would be 3.  There are an additional 25 spaces in the municipal lots within the business district.

 There are not any accessible spots on East Main Street between the Four Corners and Lapham because there is not a safe spot to put one as there are not any curb cuts in that area. Loading and unloading or traversing to the curb cut would be very dangerous in this area. If someone was in a wheelchair for instance, and they exited their vehicle on East Main Street at the closest space to your business, they would have to travel in a wheelchair for about 50 feet in the street on the busiest street in the Village to get to the closest ramp to access the sidewalk. We place the accessible spaces based upon not only the shortest routes but also the safest.

Both Vanetta and I would love to move to a large place with its own parking lot, however that is not something that will happen overnight.  So, if you feel the parking in the Village needs to be addressed then please help us and email Jake, his email is:

2022 Spotlight Quilter

Have you heard about our new demo night? We are going to host a demo night every 4 months. It will be on a Friday from 4pm – 6pm and refreshments will be served. Since space is limited, please sign-up. There will be no cost except a donation for a local charity.

The first demo night is Friday, August 19th from 4pm – 6pm. We have six projects we will be demoing, all free patterns. Our charity of the night is to support women who cannot afford to purchase menstrual products, therefore if you could bring a box of tampons, napkins, or liners (individually wrapped) as a donation we would appreciate it. There is a wonderful group of quilters called the Divas who will be hosting a “pad party”; here they will bag up the donated products and ensure they go to women in need. If you have a local charity, you would like us to support at one of our demo nights let us know.

There is still room in some of our August classes, if you are interested send us an email, give us a call, or better yet stop in and see us!

Michelle's TIP of the month

There’s a difference between pressing and ironing. Ironing is what you do to a wrinkled blouse. Pressing is how we set seams and seam alliances when quilting. Your iron should not move back and forth over your pieces. Set the iron down on a seam to set it and pick it back up before you move it to the next section.  Use your fingers to open up your pieces and gently finger press the seam in the correct direction. Then you can set the hot iron on that seam to get a good crisp press. This is especially important if the seam is on a bias edge, such as with half-square triangles. If you use the tip of the iron to push the fabric around you will stretch that seam out of shape. Slow down and press carefully and you will see a difference in your blocks and your finished quilt.

August Class Highlights


Trifecta Zip Bags - 6 different sized bags (3 each for 2 different internal wire frame widths). Create gorgeous, toiletry, makeup, pencil or essential oils bags using the smaller sizes, & even use the larger size as a handbag. These bags have an A Frame shape, wide at the bottom and tapering in at the top. Each bag opens wide, has a structured top shape & includes 2 internal slip pockets.

TUESDAY TABLE RUNNER OF THE MONTH - Snowflake table runner - Using the included Iron-ons and a touch of redwork this sweet star candle mat or table center is a joy to make for yourself or as a holiday gift.

Getting Started With Ruler Work - Are you intimidated by machine quilting rulers? Do you have some and are wary of using them? Are you thinking of getting some but not sure which brand of ruler? Maryfran has been quilting with quilting rulers for a few years and has tried several brands. She will share with you the basic concepts (these apply to all brands) and show you how to use some of her favorites. The Quilters Select Straight Edge ruler is needed for this class and can be purchased at the shop. We are ordering just the quantity needed for the class so please let us know when you register if you need the ruler.

Tool Tote - The Tool tote is what everyone needs. Pockets all the way around on the outside and inside. Heavy duty stays that keep the bag's mouth wide open, easy to get in and to reach all your important tools. Great bag to take on retreats.

Patchwork of the Cross - Patchwork of the Crosses is an English Paper Piecing design perfect for new EPPers
and experienced hands alike! English Paper Piecing is a perfect “on the move” quilting
technique, great for summer travels. Join us for this English Paper Piecing class, and
get started now on a Christmas or other holiday gift. You will learn all of the
necessary steps for basting and stitching elongated hexagons (honeycombs), and leave
with a good start, plus ideas for completing a project at home.

Trifecta Bag
Trifecta Bag
Patchwork of the Cross
Patchwork of the Cross
Tool Tote
Tool Tote
Snowflake Star
Snowflake Star