2022 Spotlight Quilter

January - Jane Beamish

Jane, Tell me a little bit about yourself?
Hello! I’m so excited to be teaching at The Village Quilt Shoppe. I’ve been a Webster resident for 22 years now; my husband and I moved here right after our wedding. We raised/are raising two daughters, now both in college. For 32 years I worked as a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in K-12 schools. I retired in 2020, but then moved into the Preschool Services world- same job, smaller kids.  My husband is a retired music educator who continues to work as a musician. I spend lots of weekends at his gigs.

How long have you been quilting?
My first quilting project was (gasp) 47 years ago- a Sunbonnet Sue pillow made with my 4-H club. That was the first and last item I ever hand quilted. My first quilt made as an adult was a little primary color/cat and dog theme quilt made for my first baby, who is now 20.  Garment and home sewing eventually gave way to quilting, which has been my main sewing occupation for about 10 years now.

Who taught you to quilt?
I’ve taken lots of classes.  I’ve taken in-person classes at fabric stores and quilt shows, plus on-line classes. I’ve also checked tons of books out of the library and watched many many tutorials online. I like in-person classes best.

What do you like best about quilting?
I love the variety of quilting. I love that two people can make the same pattern, but their fabric choices make each one dynamic. I love the variety of techniques.  My favorites are the two forms of paper piecing- Foundation Paper Piecing and English Paper Piecing. I enjoy appliqué and am looking forward to starting the wool projects I have.  I have a huge list of quilt "wannamakes"!

What's your quilting advice /mantra?
Quilting should be enjoyable.  I think I've said “It’ll be fine!” about a thousand times, both when teaching classes and figuring out problems in my own sewing space. In my classes, students know that mistakes are just opportunities for learning.  We aren’t dealing with life and death; just fabric and thread.  This is a hobby for most of us, so let’s keep it fun.


Living room quilt
cardinal runner
hawaiian pineapple
Tea Party
Tiny Jewel
EPP Cardinal trivets
Allie's quilt
Sunbonnet Sue