2023 Spotlight Quilter

January spotlight quilter is Joan Beadle

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in West Webster and when I got married 30 years ago, I was lucky to be able to move back into my childhood home and raise my 3 kids. My husband and I still live there.

How long have you been quilting?

My sister and I talked about learning to quilt for a while. I have always loved crafting. Macrame,  crocheting and some sewing.  It wasn’t until she retired and my youngest was in high school that we both had the time to actually do it.

Who taught you to quilt?

We dove in taking a paper piecing class at VQS in 2019. I love paper piecing! It is crafting and sewing in one. Then we decided to dive further and take a BOM class at Madelines. Just in time for Covid quarantine. Needless to say, since I had very little experience in quilting, my BOM blocks came out pretty wonky. But you learn from every piece you make and I hung my very first quilt above me in my craft room. Every time I look up, I see how far I have come.

What do you like best about quilting?

I love to look at a pattern now and think about how I can do it just a little different to really make it mine.  Whether that is incorporating wool, embroidery, or beading. I have discovered watercolor pencils and look forward to adding more color to some upcoming projects.

What’s your quilting advice /mantra?

I have a saying that I keep in my head especially when projects don’t work out the way I picture them. I am not perfect, and neither are my projects. They just need to stay together in the wash!  Thanks to Monique, Vanetta, Maryfran and Michelle for being a wonderful source of inspiration and education!

Here are some pictures of some of her beautiful work.